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Ristorante Frescobaldi London is the first standalone restaurant and bar in the UK from the famed Frescobaldi family of Tuscany in partnership with the Good Food Society.

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Marie Claire - Inside London’s new Frescobaldi restaurant

Love Italian food? You're going to love the modern spin Frescobaldi puts on your favourite classics.


...So, when GQ was served a delicate bowl of perfectly al-dente Tagliolini, tossed with only a few spoonfuls of butter and a sprinkling of black truffle (which, for once, actually tasted of something), there were beaming smiles all round, as well as a moment of pure, eyes-closed, bliss.

Catch52.me 4-Course Winemaker's Dinner at Frescobaldi

As soon as I stepped into the restaurant I was amazed. Frescobaldi has done such a fantastic job on the interior because it really felt like you were at cosy winery in Italy.

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The Frescobaldi story

The Frescobaldi Family has been narrating the history of Tuscany for over one thousand years and traded wine for works of art with Michelangelo and supplied the kings of England including Henry VIII.

Our Story